I am happy to review products if I think it is something I would normally buy.
There are four and a half people in the house.  I say a half as No1 son is away at boarding school during the week so there are just four of us here in term time.
I am MummyB a self confessed handbag-aholic.  I am the wrong size of a 16 so high street fashion doesnt really do it for me.  I buy all my clothes on line.  That doesnt mean I am not interested.   I definitely am interested in looking good, I just can’t do it on your average High Street.   I also love all things smelly:  body lotions, hair products, shower gels etc.   My bathroom shelves groan.
I work from home as a self employed “property guru”.   All things lettings from helping out with a friend’s inventory company to advising tenants on their rights, to assisting landlords evict nightmare tenants.   I love working from home as it gives me the flexibility to be around when the children need me.   Also love cooking, reading and tweeting.  My twitter name is @mummybarrow
Mr B is my long suffering husband of nearly two years.  He is fluent in French and German and really likes the finer things in life.  Give him a decent bottle of wine or a fabulous steak and he will be in heaven.   Recently got out of IT and having a bit of a change in direction, careerwise.  So far, seems to be enjoying it.  Long may it last.
Spare time together is rare as weekends are spent ferrying children around.  We do like to travel though and are always planning the next trip.   Mr B is also a keen golfer, and doesnt get to play as often as he would like.
C has just turned 17 and is at college doing 5 A levels, with a view to becoming a paramedic after university.  She got a car for birthday so any spare time between course work or exams is spent nose down in the Highway Code.  She is a fashion junkie, as most teenagers are. Just as long as it is not too girlie!
J is 15 and is the coolest of all dudes. Coxes for the rowing squad at school, heavily into music and complete petrolhead.  When it comes to cars he knows it all.   And then some.  Also into every gadget known to mankind.
E is 12 going on 21.  Blonde, cute and knows it.   Into everything from Hannah Montana, to Moshi Monsters.   She is going to rule the world one day.
If you would like any one of us to review something for you, we would love to.   We will be honest, though.  We won’t blow smoke if don’t think something is up to scratch but if we love it we will rave about it on here, and on Twitter.
Drop me an email at

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